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Leave it on us to suggest some groundbreaking Digital series, TV Series, Movies, Games, and some old gems that can keep you entertained. 

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Funkyfeed aims at giving you the latest Hollywood movie reviews of 2020, which also includes the latest shows, and we give the latest PlayStation and Xbox games reviews of 2020.

We hope to build a community of people who, apart from enjoying the occasional movie, show, or game, appreciates the finer details. If you are here to analyze a movie or a show that you’ve watched or plan on watching, because you find it interesting; and if you are here to see how your favorite games are fairing out in our reviews– you won’t be disappointed.

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1. One of the Best movie review sites (USA)?

We certainly are motivated to try and achieve that title. We offer a deep dive into the latest films, give out our opinions and analyze every frame that we find interesting (and we hope, you find interesting, as well). We also check out  great documentaries for you.  Award season coverage and see if your contenders match ours, in our top Oscar predictions of 2021 and beyond.

2. One of the Best TV show review sites (USA)?

With our detailed cover over every episode, from some of the best shows out there. Be it Netflix, Showtime, FX, Amazon prime, HBO, USA or Syfy. We hope to bring you some of the best TV shows reviews and thorough explanations. Covering every great show as soon as they air.

3. One of the Best gaming review sites (USA)?

With a plethora of gaming platforms out there, the gaming industry is the biggest in the entertainment sphere. We’ll tell you what are the best games to buy. Plus, reviews and detailed analysis of the newest and the best games out there.

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